Moulton Laboratories
the art and science of sound
Dave’s Publications
Golden Ears / ear-training drills for audio engineers
Playback Platinum / audio lecture series
Total Recording / an audio engineering textbook
Indian Hill Music
A non-profit regional center for music education and performance located in Littleton, Massachusetts. The Music School serves more than 1,600 students and offers private lessons, group classes and ensembles to children and adults of all ages and abilities. In addition, Indian Hill's professional Concert Series offers symphony and pops, chamber music, jazz, folk and kids' concerts. Dave is on the Board of Directors.
New England Institute of Art
Providing student-centered learning in a hands-on environment, this 2- and 4-year college prepares students for careers in the media, arts and design fields, and fields an excellent audio program. Dave is on the Board of Trustees.
Parsons Center for Audio Studies
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New England's leading dealer in professional audio goods, Parsons Audio offers pro audio courses with top-notch faculty. College-level material is gently presented for both practicing audio professionals and people entering the field.
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