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Original Notes on Music for the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Garage in Kansas City, MO
by David Moulton
October 2011

Creating loudspeaker music for a large space.

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Seventeen Moods / Homage for a Kansas City Garage

For the very odd case of music created for a parking garage that services a concert hall, I composed very simple fragments of musical gestures and moods that move through the garage and its Atrium, informally accompanying you, the patrons, as you walk from your cars to the Performance Center and back. These musical fragments establish transient moods that I hope will help set the stage for the more serious music to come, and then to help say goodbye after the concert has been completed.

I also decided to pay homage to some of my favorite composers that will certainly be performed at the Kauffman Center, quoting from some signature works that will also accompany you through the garage. Mahler, Holst, Tchaikovsky and Varese, as well as both Beethoven and Bach, are quoted in spatially constructed soundpieces that are, these days, called “mashups.” Here, the music sweeps, jumps and dances across the spaces of the garage as you walk.

Finally, in homage to Kansas City’s rich jazz history, I’ve included three mashups intended to honor Kansas City jazz artists and the city itself. I hope you enjoy them all, and even more, enjoy the richness of the wonderful performance halls of the Center. I hope I’ve been able to extend the feeling of the Center just a little bit into this surrounding space (the garage) that is usually so alien to music and art.
Parking Garage Rendering

Jazz recordings used:
The Essential Jimmy Rushing, Vanguard VCD 65/66
Me and the Blues - Joe Williams, RCA Victor 09026 63536-2
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