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January 2006

Welcome to the new Moulton Laboratories website. II


In case you didn't notice, Moulton Laboratories has a new site.

It has been completely revamped and hooked up to a database, allowing us to keep content fresh and manageable. We took the most popular part of the old site, the Article Archive, and expanded it into the main focus of MoultonLabs II. The best part is we persuaded Dave to plug an ethernet cable into his brain and download everything having to do with audio. There are some 50 articles online and the webguy is scrambling to bring you another 50, so check back periodically or get yourself an RSS reader to grab our signal (the link on the orange button down below). These aren't those pithless one paragraph wonders you see pasted all over people's blogs, either. This is pro audio Content with a capital C!

Stop eating Cheetos, man, they'll kill you!

Not only that, after you read an article you can complain about it in each article's Discussion section. Dave may respond if there's a free moment. Otherwise, feel free to post accolades, rants and nostalgia on the Guestlog, or if you notice technical issues with the site, drop a line to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Thanks for listening.


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