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Many of the articles on these pages originally appeared in magazines such as Recording and TV Technology. Out of deference to the publishers involved, works written in the last two years will generally not be shown.
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The Brave New World: Control Room Design
The needs and design of control rooms.
Studio DesignTVTech Magazine
July 2001
David Musial And SkyRoom
A home studio in a skyscraper.
Studio DesignRecording Magazine
March 1995
June 2006
Making Loudspeakers And Control Rooms That Make Music “Sound Good”
An unabridged version of an article that originally appeared in Mix Magazine, edited by Moulton.
AcousticsLoudspeakersStudio Design
January 1999
Making Your Home Control Room The Best That It Can Be: Some Basic Principles
Seven issues you will need to address as you build the control room of your home studio.
Studio DesignRecording Magazine
June 2002
Nick Batzdorf Interviews David Moulton
Regarding Acoustics of Control Rooms and Loudspeakers.
Acousticsdavemoulton.comStudio DesignRecording Magazine
February 1999
September 2000
The Real World of Project Control Room Monitoring
How to Have Decent Listening Without Breaking Your Bank
LoudspeakersStudio DesignRecording Magazine
April 1997
Starting Over
My own personal life adventure building a home studio. This adventure is recounted in a series of "Starting Over" articles.
davemoulton.comStudio DesignRecording Magazine
April 1994
Starting Over II
Dave's adventure, continued. Monitoring.
Loudspeakersdavemoulton.comRecording IndustryStudio Design
April 1994
Starting Over III
Where Audio Hits The Air, The Zen Of Specs Takes On A Whole New Outlook. Dave loses it when it comes to fan noise (and he doesn't mean the cheering of his readers, either!).
davemoulton.comStudio DesignRecording Magazine
April 1994
Starting Over IV
Three Not-So-Easy Pieces About Starting Over: Care And Feeding Of The Median Plane.
davemoulton.comStudio DesignRecording Magazine
June 1994
Straight Arrow Recording: A Profile
A Vermont studio. Mike Billingsley (inventor of the SASS mic) built this one.
Studio DesignRecording Magazine
May 1994
Taming the Big Wave
Getting Control of Low Frequencies in the Studio and Control Room
AcousticsStudio DesignRecording Magazine
January 1997

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