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Many of the articles on these pages originally appeared in magazines such as Recording and TV Technology. Out of deference to the publishers involved, works written in the last two years will generally not be shown.
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About Women In Audio, AES Style, And Losing (Or Finding) Your Voice
We're in a sexist business, and mostly we really don't like to deal with that fact. Time to get sensitized!
EducationRecording IndustryRecording Magazine
May 1995
June 2002
Baby, It’s A Brave Brave New New World Out There
Editorial piece on the emergence of cheap digital consoles and surround sound.
EquipmentRecording IndustryTVTech Magazine
November 1997
Bad Audio and Some Unintended Consequences
Dave Gardiner brings up the issues surrounding legacy noise reduction (Dolby) in TV audio.
Recording IndustryTVTech Magazine
May 2002
The Brave New World: Bad Audio Fixed?
Dave discusses trends in television audio and techniques for improving it.
Recording IndustryTVTech Magazine
December 2001
A Couch Potato Rants About Video Quality
What happens when an audio geek starts looking at his TV more carefully.
Recording IndustryTVTech Magazine
March 2002
Dave Goes To The Grammies
Can Glitz ‘n Glamour Seduce Our Intrepid Audio Explorer? You Bet!
Humordavemoulton.comRecording IndustryRecording Magazine
June 2000
Dolby C: How Dolby Sees It
A summary and interesting look back at the history of Dolby's noise-reduction scheme.
Recording IndustryTVTech Magazine
July 2002
The Growing Gulf Between High Resolution and Low Res
Two diverging trends in audio standards; which fork do you take?
Digital AudioRecording IndustryTVTech Magazine
April 2003
Loudness: Why Can’t We Just Set the Level Once and For All?
Understand why levels all over the place in broadcast audio, and take a look at the P2Level Pilot.
EquipmentRecording IndustryTVTech Magazine
March 2003
Some Thoughts About Our Recent Day of Horror
Bad Audio and the Meaning of TV At A Time Like This. A piece from 2001.
davemoulton.comRecording IndustryTVTech Magazine
November 2001
Starting Over II
Dave's adventure, continued. Monitoring.
Loudspeakersdavemoulton.comRecording IndustryStudio Design
April 1994
Surround Sound’s Field of Dreams: If We Build It, Will They Come?
Make sense of all those channels gathering on the horizon. Dave reports on the Technical Conference on Multichannel Audio at AES.
Recording IndustryTVTech Magazine
March 2003
September 2000
Taming Wild Mastering Levels
Discussion of a critical development in the brave new world of digital audio: loudness inflation.
MixingRecording IndustryRecording Magazine
January 1999
TV Audio IS Getting Better, And We’re Learning To Use Metadata Too!
How television engineers (attempt to) broadcast audio signals intact from the control room to the end-user's set-top box.
Recording IndustryTVTech Magazine
October 2003

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