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Many of the articles on these pages originally appeared in magazines such as Recording and TV Technology. Out of deference to the publishers involved, works written in the last two years will generally not be shown.
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June 2002
Creativity and Emotion in the Studio
About Emotion Filters, Communication Resistors and Mood Switches
ProducingRecording Magazine
February 1994
Great Rock ‘n Roll Clichés: Trash or Icons
Clichés are not always a bad thing.
ProducingRecording Magazine
May 1994
The Key Ingredients for A Good Demo Recording
How to make recordings that demonstrate a musician's playing ability and expression well.
ProducingRecording Magazine
June 1997
August 1994
More Rock and Roll Clichés For Fun And Profit
While Amateurs Plagiarize, Professionals Use What Works!
ProducingRecording Magazine
July 1994
On the Importance of Lyrics
Lyrics are a big deal, and we ignore them at our peril. Nonetheless, we DO tend to ignore them. Hopefully, this article may convince to change your musicianly ways regarding lyrics.
ProducingRecording Magazine
October 1992
The Saito Sessions
Chronicles the recording session of a classical soprano.
ProducingRecording Magazine
August 1995
We Want Really Accurate Recordings, Right? Or Do We?
And in this column, I really get down to it. Here we go, with the awful, terrible and painful truth. I’m sorry to be the one to tell ya...
HearingProducingTVTech Magazine
May 2000