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Many of the articles on these pages originally appeared in magazines such as Recording and TV Technology. Out of deference to the publishers involved, works written in the last two years will generally not be shown.
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October 1999
Acoustical Measurements For The Rest of Us
How to measure the room acoustics in your home studio.
MeasurementRecording Magazine
April 2001
The Difference Between What You Hear and What You “Hear!”
An overview of those human biological signal processors otherwise known as ears, and how they impact the question of audibility.
HearingMeasurementTVTech Magazine
February 2000
Eight Vocal Microphones Tested and Compared
In the market for a microphone? You will likely find this comparative analysis of vocal microphones illuminating.
EquipmentMeasurementMicrophonesRecording Magazine
June 1994
Rules of Analysis
A few notes for AES.
April 2003
Some Reminiscing About My Experiences With Subjective Testing
How Dave began his journey down the rabbit hole of audio perception measurement.
MeasurementTVTech Magazine
September 2001
Speaker, Speaker, On The Wall, Who Sounds Coolest Of Them All?
If you sometimes have a hard time figuring out the best piece of gear to use, you're not alone. Moulton investigates the difference between "blind" and "sounds cool" testing methodologies.
MeasurementRecording Magazine
June 1994
Subjective Testing in Your Own Home Studio
So You Wanna Find Out If You Can Hear 24/96 Audio
HearingMeasurementRecording Magazine
August 2001
The Wacky World of Blind Testing
An introduction to reducing bias in our sound judgments.
MeasurementTVTech Magazine
November 1999
Whadda Ya Mean, It’s Indistinguishable From Chance?
A pair of articles exploring the difference between knowing something for sure, and dumb luck.
MeasurementTVTech Magazine
June 2000
Whaddya Mean It’s Inaudible? Why, I Know A Guy…
The ongoing debate of what it means when something is "audible" or not.
HearingMeasurementTVTech Magazine
January 2000
Whaddya Mean The Sound Is Fluffy?
Exploring the tenuous relationship between words and sounds.
MeasurementTVTech Magazine
June 1999
What Do We Mean By Audibility?
Attempting to understand what, exactly, is the difference between hearing something and not hearing something. Not as simple as it sounds.
HearingMeasurementRecording Magazine
December 1998
What IS The Sound Of One Amp Clipping?
Our Intrepid Author Ventures (or Sinks?) Deeper Into The Swamps of Subjective Listening Tests
EquipmentMeasurementRecording Magazine
September 1994
Yeah, I Think I Can Hear It! Wow! It’s Like, Totally Awesome!
The discussion of blind versus subjective listening continues.
MeasurementTVTech Magazine
December 1999
The Zen of Specifications
Lies, damn lies, and audio specifications! This article talks about making sense of them all.
MeasurementRecording Magazine
April 1993