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Many of the articles on these pages originally appeared in magazines such as Recording and TV Technology. Out of deference to the publishers involved, works written in the last two years will generally not be shown.
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October 1999
About Hearing
All about our amazing auditory system.
May 2000
About the Loudness of Sounds and the Risk of Hearing Damage
Very important article -- this one's about loudness. Uh-oh! Required reading.

HearingRecording Magazine
June 1993
The Audio Window
This piece examines the human range of audibility. Fundamental stuff, but you may not have thought about it in these terms before.
HearingRecording Magazine
December 2000
Is Bits Really Bits
What Really Happens When You Listen To A (you pick the number)-Bit Signal?
Digital AudioHearingTVTech Magazine
March 2000
The Difference Between What You Hear and What You “Hear!”
An overview of those human biological signal processors otherwise known as ears, and how they impact the question of audibility.
HearingMeasurementTVTech Magazine
February 2000
The Equal Loudness Contours
What They are and What They Mean for your Mixing
HearingMixingRecording Magazine
March 1997
Hearing: The Highs and the Lows of It
Dave attempts to explain how we perceive pitch, to an alien.
HearingRecording Magazine
February 2001
Hearing: The Louds and the Softs of It
Where Dave tries to explain loudness to an alien.
HearingRecording Magazine
May 2001
How High Do We Really Need To Hear
What Really Happens To Them Ultrasonic Signals, Anyway?
Digital AudioHearingTVTech Magazine
April 2000
The Microphone vs. the Ear
Why Recordings Don't Sound Quite Like the Real Thing and Some Things You Can Do About It. An informal introduction to the realities of psychoacoustics.
AcousticsHearingMicrophonesRecording Magazine
May 1993
Spectral Management, or, Ways To Think About EQ and Mixing
Dave talks about the huge range of sounds we can hear and how these dimensions should be approached from a mixing standpoint.
HearingMixingRecording Magazine
March 1993
Subjective Testing in Your Own Home Studio
So You Wanna Find Out If You Can Hear 24/96 Audio
HearingMeasurementRecording Magazine
August 2001
We Want Really Accurate Recordings, Right? Or Do We?
And in this column, I really get down to it. Here we go, with the awful, terrible and painful truth. I’m sorry to be the one to tell ya...
HearingProducingTVTech Magazine
May 2000
Whaddya Mean It’s Inaudible? Why, I Know A Guy…
The ongoing debate of what it means when something is "audible" or not.
HearingMeasurementTVTech Magazine
January 2000
What Do We Mean By Audibility?
Attempting to understand what, exactly, is the difference between hearing something and not hearing something. Not as simple as it sounds.
HearingMeasurementRecording Magazine
December 1998