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Many of the articles on these pages originally appeared in magazines such as Recording and TV Technology. Out of deference to the publishers involved, works written in the last two years will generally not be shown.
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About Buying A Console
Moulton talks about the factors influencing our big ticket audio gear purchases; in particular, the console.
EquipmentMixingRecording Magazine
January 1994
The Anatek SR-7 Sample Rate & Format Converter
Dave reviews a digital audio sample rate converter.
EquipmentRecording Magazine
January 1996
Baby, It’s A Brave Brave New New World Out There
Editorial piece on the emergence of cheap digital consoles and surround sound.
EquipmentRecording IndustryTVTech Magazine
November 1997
The Brave New World: What REALLY Matters In Audio?
Taking a look at transducers, the cornerstones of audio reproduction.
EquipmentMicrophonesTVTech Magazine
January 2001
Eight Vocal Microphones Tested and Compared
In the market for a microphone? You will likely find this comparative analysis of vocal microphones illuminating.
EquipmentMeasurementMicrophonesRecording Magazine
June 1994
Loudness: Why Can’t We Just Set the Level Once and For All?
Understand why levels all over the place in broadcast audio, and take a look at the P2Level Pilot.
EquipmentRecording IndustryTVTech Magazine
March 2003
The Mackie 32-Input 8•Bus Console: The Last Best Console?
Dave assesses a well-known multitrack analog mixing console.
EquipmentRecording Magazine
June 1994
The Mackie Digital 8•Bus Mixing Console, Version 2.0
A review of Mackie's multitrack digital mixer, the Digital 8•Bus console.
EquipmentRecording Magazine
November 1999
Mackie Ultra Automation System
Automating your console.
May 1996
NuVerb: Why, It’s Virtually a Reverb!
Dave reviews a reverb unit on a computer card.
EquipmentRecording Magazine
January 1995
The PAQRAT - Making Your MDM Into A 20-Bit Recorder
Getting your 16-bit digital multitrack to function as a 20-bit recorder.
Digital AudioEquipmentRecording Magazine
February 1996
Power Amps Revisited: The Joys Of An “Audiophile” Amplifier
Dave reviews the R.E. Designs LNPA 150 power amp.
EquipmentRecording Magazine
March 1997
The Tascam TM-D8000 Digital Mixing Console: An Overview
Another offering in the low-cost digital console sweepstakes.
EquipmentRecording Magazine
August 1998
What IS The Sound Of One Amp Clipping?
Our Intrepid Author Ventures (or Sinks?) Deeper Into The Swamps of Subjective Listening Tests
EquipmentMeasurementRecording Magazine
September 1994