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Many of the articles on these pages originally appeared in magazines such as Recording and TV Technology. Out of deference to the publishers involved, works written in the last two years will generally not be shown.
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Bits ‘n Pieces About Digital Audio
A refresher course in the technology we've all come to take for granted: digital audio.
Digital AudioRecording Magazine
May 1997
Is Bits Really Bits
What Really Happens When You Listen To A (you pick the number)-Bit Signal?
Digital AudioHearingTVTech Magazine
March 2000
A Bit About Digital
Digital audio. ONEs and ZEROs, right? Yadda-yadda-yadda... Dave takes on the yaddas in this comprehensive overview of recording and processing in the digital realm.
Digital AudioRecording Magazine
May 1993
The Growing Gulf Between High Resolution and Low Res
Two diverging trends in audio standards; which fork do you take?
Digital AudioRecording IndustryTVTech Magazine
April 2003
High Resolution Audio and Standards
Uh-oh! Some Production Professionals Have Their Say
Digital AudioTVTech Magazine
March 2001
Hi-Rez Redux
Dave gets dragged into the 21st century with high-resolution audio.
Digital Audiodavemoulton.comTVTech Magazine
January 2002
How High Do We Really Need To Hear
What Really Happens To Them Ultrasonic Signals, Anyway?
Digital AudioHearingTVTech Magazine
April 2000
June 1997
Looking At MIDI Through the Wrong End of The Telescope
A Quick Review of Voltage Control Languages, and the Origins of MIDI
Digital AudioRecording Magazine
January 1995
More About CODECs
They're everywhere: data compression strategies for digital audio.
Digital AudioTVTech Magazine
December 2002
The PAQRAT - Making Your MDM Into A 20-Bit Recorder
Getting your 16-bit digital multitrack to function as a 20-bit recorder.
Digital AudioEquipmentRecording Magazine
February 1996
So What’s So Good About Digital, Anyway?
Dave's take on the old debate over analog vs. digital audio.
Digital AudioRecording Magazine
June 1993
September 2000

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