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Many of the articles on these pages originally appeared in magazines such as Recording and TV Technology. Out of deference to the publishers involved, works written in the last two years will generally not be shown.
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October 1999
About Acoustic and Microphone Levels: Levels Management I
How to engineer appropriate acoustical and audio levels in light of our ears' enormous range of dynamic sensitivity.
MixingRecording Magazine
March 1996
About Buying A Console
Moulton talks about the factors influencing our big ticket audio gear purchases; in particular, the console.
EquipmentMixingRecording Magazine
January 1994
About Comb Filtering, Phase Shift and Polarity Reversal
The phenomena of comb filtering, phase shift and polarity reversal are surrounded in myth and are a bedrock topic for audio engineers.
AcousticsMixingRecording Magazine
August 1993
About Hearing
All about our amazing auditory system.
May 2000
About the Loudness of Sounds and the Risk of Hearing Damage
Very important article -- this one's about loudness. Uh-oh! Required reading.

HearingRecording Magazine
June 1993
About Playback And Mixing Levels: Levels Management II
How to set playback levels, for you and your end listeners.
MixingRecording Magazine
April 1996
About Women In Audio, AES Style, And Losing (Or Finding) Your Voice
We're in a sexist business, and mostly we really don't like to deal with that fact. Time to get sensitized!
EducationRecording IndustryRecording Magazine
May 1995
Acoustical Measurements For The Rest of Us
How to measure the room acoustics in your home studio.
MeasurementRecording Magazine
April 2001
June 2002
The Anatek SR-7 Sample Rate & Format Converter
Dave reviews a digital audio sample rate converter.
EquipmentRecording Magazine
January 1996
The Audio Technica 30 Series Microphones
A review of three mid-priced condenser microphones for studio use.
MicrophonesRecording Magazine
July 1999
Audio-Technica AT4060 Tube Condenser Microphone
A review of Audio-Technica's vacuum-tube cardioid condenser microphone, the AT4060.
MicrophonesRecording Magazine
April 1999
The Audio Window
This piece examines the human range of audibility. Fundamental stuff, but you may not have thought about it in these terms before.
HearingRecording Magazine
December 2000
Audi debuts B&O automotive sound system
The Advanced Sound System, incorporating Sausalito Audio Works' ALT lenses, was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
September 2005
Baby, It’s A Brave Brave New New World Out There
Editorial piece on the emergence of cheap digital consoles and surround sound.
EquipmentRecording IndustryTVTech Magazine
November 1997
Bad Audio and Some Unintended Consequences
Dave Gardiner brings up the issues surrounding legacy noise reduction (Dolby) in TV audio.
Recording IndustryTVTech Magazine
May 2002
Bang & Olufsen wins major car sound system award
The Bang & Olufsen in-car entertainment system fitted to the Audi A8 has been voted the world’s best sound system.
July 2006
Beyond Levels Management
What Exactly Do We Mean By Loud?
MixingRecording Magazine
January 1997
Beyond Spectral Management
Parametric Equalization for Fun and Profit
MixingRecording Magazine
March 1994
Bits ‘n Pieces About Digital Audio
A refresher course in the technology we've all come to take for granted: digital audio.
Digital AudioRecording Magazine
May 1997
Is Bits Really Bits
What Really Happens When You Listen To A (you pick the number)-Bit Signal?
Digital AudioHearingTVTech Magazine
March 2000
A Bit About Digital
Digital audio. ONEs and ZEROs, right? Yadda-yadda-yadda... Dave takes on the yaddas in this comprehensive overview of recording and processing in the digital realm.
Digital AudioRecording Magazine
May 1993
The Brave New World: About The Rooms In Which Loudspeakers Work
Conceptualizing the room as part of the loudspeaker itself.
LoudspeakersTVTech Magazine
June 2001
The Brave New World: Bad Audio
Dave discusses audio in TV world.
MixingTVTech Magazine
October 2001
The Brave New World: Bad Audio Fixed?
Dave discusses trends in television audio and techniques for improving it.
Recording IndustryTVTech Magazine
December 2001
The Brave New World: Control Room Design
The needs and design of control rooms.
Studio DesignTVTech Magazine
July 2001
February 2001
The Brave New World: Loudspeakers
Those black boxes with sound coming out we take for granted.
LoudspeakersTVTech Magazine
May 2001

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